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Down the Rabbit Hole

Project X is designed to transform your park, attract new demographics, raise attendance and improve overall guest satisfaction…all while taking advantage of the smart phone nearly everyone carries. It integrates virtual and augmented reality into your park with a free phone app. Let’s follow a future visitor and see what’s so different about your park, powered by Project X.

From the comfort of his home, a future park visitor downloads your Project X powered app and gives it a spin. He purchases tickets from the app and can view the cool rides. He even receives a push notification letting him know about a crazy new virtual reality-enabled coaster.


A Map to Everywhere

Once a visitor enters the gates of your park, ProjectX knows it. When the app is opened, it displays a park map indicating GPS location. Now your park guest knows right where she is and how to get around. She taps the “rides” button and everything disappears from the map but the rides. Now she can easily find her way to your ten-year-old roller coaster...but she’s in for a surprise when she gets there.

VR Equipped Rides

A park guest enters your ten-year-old coaster’s queue line. His phone dings with a push notification. The message asks if he’d like to ride the coaster in virtual reality. He selects “yes” and a new screen appears with a rotating Milky Way Galaxy and a message to follow staff instructions.



As he sits down on the ride, an operator hands him a universal virtual reality headset. He is assisted in locking his phone into the helmet, which is then strapped on his head. His phone instructs him to prepare for takeoff. As the ride begins ascending the initial lift hill, the phone screen changes to dual eye view of outer space. When he drops down the first hill, it appears he’s flying through an asteroid field. As the ride makes a loop, it looks like he’s rapidly orbiting a large planet. Then the alien invasion begins. Everything he’s seeing is perfectly synced with the physical movements of the coaster. Your guest is now blasting through the solar system on your ten-year-old ride...what’s old is new again!  

Complete List Of App Functionalities


When outside the park, the Project X app will provide the following features:



•  Ability to preview the rides in virtual reality at home


•  A push notification option, providing notifications about specials, events, etc.


• A drop down menu:

      •  Ticket purchases

      •  Park schedule / calendar

      •  List of rides and attractions with brief descriptors



•  Indicates a visitor’s location within the park.

•  Individually highlights rides, food, shopping, restrooms, customer service.

•  When you tap a ride, a pop-up box shows a picture of the ride and provides a short description with the ability to preview the ride in 3D.

•  When you tap a food location, a pop-up box provides a list of menu options at that location.

•  When you tap a shopping location, a pop-up box provides a short description of the type of merchandise offered at that location.

•  An augmented reality game is also available from the map screen 


(See “Augmented Outlaws” section for more details)

VR Ride

A select roller coaster or ride within the park can be converted into a virtual reality (VR) ride, allowing visitors to experience the ride in an entirely new way.  By wearing their phone as a VR viewer, visitors will experience a virtual environment while on the ride.



•  All of this happens automatically through the Project X App, giving visitors the option to experience the ride in VR or without.


•  VR ride experiences can be changed every season (or even through the course of the current season), creating the equivalent of a “new” ride with each new experience.


•  This creates tremendous marketing opportunities for the park during key periods of the year.  At Halloween for example, the park might convert the VR experience into something spooky to fit the season and can be promoted as an entirely different ride.


Augmented Outlaws

Let’s switch gears and follow one of your younger park visitors for a bit. She’s just selected the augmented reality game from the map drop-down menu. Instructions challenge her to round-up outlaws throughout the park and become a park deputy. Who wouldn’t want to be deputized, right? The screen now displays outlaw hideouts on the GPS map and the game is afoot. The first outlaw is especially difficult, jumping and dodging before being lassoed into custody. Since he’s conveniently located near a soda stand, why not grab a drink? 

After rounding-up all the outlaws, it’s off to the sheriff where they’re turned-in.  Now our young park visitor is awarded a deputy badge (sticker) and happens to pass a park employee, who refers to her as “deputy” and tips his hat. She’s even thanked for keeping the park safe. Can we say, “I was just given the VIP treatment today?”   


Here’s the best part, all of those outlaws are virtual. Each is geo-positioned throughout the park as an augmented reality experience, only visible to park guests using the app. The game requires no staff or equipment…other than a roll of stickers. Project X’s augmented reality game keeps numerous park guests busy, attracts them to point-of-purchase locations and creates a positive customer experience, all at the same time.

Getting Started with ProjectX


Project X serves as a new and extremely marketable experience for your park without the price tag of a new ride. Spend several million dollars on a new coaster, or a mere fraction of the cost to bring your existing coaster into the future.

Augmented Reality Game

Project X provides a built-in augmented reality game allowing visitors to visit various locations within the park to “capture”
objectives & return them to a specified location.


 •  Each objective is actually a digital element overlaid on the physical space (using the camera in a smart phone) to create the appearance it’s actually there. “capture” objectives and return them to a specified location.


•  Example:  A western themed park might have a “Round-up the Outlaws” game. To play the game, a park visitor will travel to different locations of the park to “lasso” virtual outlaws and return them to a virtual sheriff (similar to Pokemon). The completion screen can then be shown at customer service to receive a deputy badge (sticker).

•  AR GPS locations can be selected based on point of purchase spots within the park. A soda stand might be
a key location to place an AR target, thus attracting park visitors to places in the park where they’re likely to make purchases.

Complete List Of App Functionalities